Happy Anniversary!

Today is the first anniversary of the launch of my new website, complete with blog. Here are some stastistics for that first year:

To celebrate the site’s first birthday, the software on which it runs has been updated to WordPress 2.1 (a process that went quite smoothly). Also planned for the coming months is a new theme that will hopefully make better use of space, and which won’t be so closely based on the WordPress default theme. But as it took me six months to release the current version of the site, it may well be October before you see any changes!

2 responses to “Happy Anniversary!”

  1. Lena


  2. Matt Bonnett

    Hey gratz on the anniversary!

    We cleared out and scrapped my dad’s old 486 this weekend and while looking through what was left on it I found a link to “The Daily Executive” website on geocities. No trace of it now of course not even in web archives.

    Saw Doc Thomas today as i drove along Chester Road South, current changes in schooling in Kiddy mean that these days i would be going to Wolverley rather than King Charles I.

    Hope you are well


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