New website layout

I have just switched to a new layout, which has been a work in (very slow) progress for a while now. Hopefully the new design is an improvement on the old one. For comparison (and posterity), here are the two side by side:

Old and new layouts

The new layout is much wider, which means anyone with a resolution of 800×600 will see a horizontal scrollbar. That was quite a hard decision to make, but from the stats, very few visitors use such a small screen these days. The page header is now much shorter, meaning less space at the top is wasted. The layout has been specifically designed to allow 500 pixel-width images to be displayed in the content.

Other new features include:

  • Upgrade to WordPress 2.3
  • Tag support (once I start to add tags to articles!)
  • e-mail notifications for both new posts and comments
  • Integrated Google search

and various other minor enhancements I’ll leave you to discover!

Please note that several of those features should be considered beta tests at this stage. Do let me know if you have any problems using any part of the site.

Now all I need to do is get back to writing new articles…

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