Hangzhou Bay Bridge

17 July 2009

The Hangzhou Bay Bridge (杭州湾大桥) opened in May 2008 to link the city of Ningbo to Shanghai. The bridge is 36 km in length, making it the longest bridge in the world that crosses sea (although its longest cabled-stayed span is only 448 m). The bridge cuts the journey between the two cities by 120 km.

In this photograph, looking north towards Shanghai, the bridge can be seen snaking across the bay. One cable-stay pylon is just visible in the haze on the left, with another more clearly visible towards the middle. The still-under-construction service station, complete with observation tower, can be seen to the right of the pylon. To further give an idea of the scale of the bridge, the barrier in the foreground and the road from where the picture was taken are still part of the bridge.

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