Using my photos

I am happy for my photos to be used for non-commercial purposes. All I ask is that you give me credit for the picture, preferably including a link to my site if you are using the image on the web, and drop me a quick message to let me know you are using it.

If you are interested in licensing my images for commercial use, please contact me. I usually offer images on a royalty-free, non-exclusive basis, at reasonable prices. Please ask for details.

For most of the photos I can supply larger versions (of between 1600×1200 and 3888×2592 pixels) of a higher quality. The versions on my site use greater compression to save bandwidth, therefore it is always worth asking for a better version. I might also have different shots of the same subject, although I can't supply photos of places not featured on my site.

Hotlinking policy

If you use one of my photos on your website, please copy the image onto your own server. Don't link directly to images hosted on If an image is found to be "hotlinked" in this way, it will be blocked, and may be replaced with an advert or other content of my choosing. You may link to my page containing the photo, but not to the JPEG file itself.

You may link directly to images hosted on Flickr, subject to their guidelines.

Last updated: March 2008

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