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Introduction (January 2014)

This page contains software I originally wrote for Acorn's series of RISC OS computers. I haven't owned or used a RISC OS machine for over a decade, and these pages had over time disappeared from my website. I recently learned that RISC OS is becoming popular again as an operating system for the Raspberry Pi, the cheap, ARM-powered hobbyist computer that in some ways is a modern successor to Acorn's BBC Computers. Therefore, I am pleased to reinstate these old pages, largely unaltered from how they appeared 10 years ago, to allow a new generation of RISC OS users to download my prgorams, in the hope they may find them useful.

Please note that this software was written for much earlier versions of RISC OS than is available for the Raspberry Pi, and for a processor with a 26-bit address register. Most are written in simple BASIC, so I expect them to work, but some may not function correctly. As I no longer use RISC OS, I can only offer limited support.

As an aside, while Acorn disappeared a long time ago, the ARM processor they originally designed has become a huge success as it is used not only in the Raspberry Pi, but also in virtually all smartphones on the market. Arguably, the iPhone would not exist in its current form if RISC OS hadn't been created. Now, if only I'd ignored the usual investment advice about sentimentality a decade ago and had bought ARM shares, I could have seen my money increase six-fold...

Software index

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Downloading information

Each application available for downloading is listed along with its latest version number and compressed file size.

[Help file icon]Many of the applications' Help files are available as web pages so that you can decide if it is worth downloading the whole application.

[Zip file icon]The applications are stored as zip files. To use them, you will need a program to 'unzip' them. If you do not already have such a program, you can download SparkPlug from David Pilling's web site. Once Sparkplug is on the iconbar, simply drag the downloaded zip file to it. A window will appear with the application inside it. To use the application, you must copy it to another directory.

If you have any problems downloading the software, please contact me for assistance. If you are unable to unzip the files, I will supply unzipped versions if necessary.


The software available for downloading from this web site is for computers running RISC OS, and will not work on standard Windows PCs or Apple Mac computers.

All applications have been tested with RISC OS versions 3.11 and 3.60, but some may not be compatible with RISC OS 2. The applications have not been tested with StrongArm, but as most are written in BASIC, this should not be a problem. If you have any difficulties with the software, please let me know.

Terms and conditions

Unless otherwise stated, the software on this page is freeware. The software is supplied on the condition that it is not modified or sold without my permission, and that all help files and information remain with the applications. The copyright remains with the author at all times.

The only other condition is that you give me feedback about the programs. That way, I will be able to improve these applications further, to the benefit of all users!


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