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Elements is a complete guide to the chemical elements and the periodic table for RISC-OS computers. Features of version 2 include: Periodic table showing the state of the elements at 1200 degrees C

Element data window displaying data for lithiumImprovements since version 1 include:

Some information about carbon allotropesIt is impossible to list all of the features here! For a better idea of what Elements is capable of, read the Help file online, or download the program and try it for yourself.

'' '' ...a decidedly user-friendly guide to the periodic table

- Acorn User magazine

Periodic table window being used to help find answers to the Elements quiz

Elements downloads

Version 2.01 The full application including all data files 05/10/02 115K Download

Extra data files

The following data files have been submitted by Elements users. Therefore, I can't offer any support nor vouch for the quality of the information they contain!

If you have any files that you would like included on this page, please contact me.

Files collected by Roger King from public domain internet sources HTML 1-103 31/08/00 127K Download

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