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Counter can count the time until an important event, such as the millennium, or the time since an event, such as your birthday. It can count in several different units, ranging from seconds to years.

Double click on the !Counter icon to start the program. By default, it counts down in seconds to the millennium. To change, this click the middle button over the window and select Setup...

  1. Enter the time (24 hour clock) and date of the event, and whether you want the count in seconds, minutes, hours, days or years
  2. Next select if you want to count down to the event, or count the time since the event happened
  3. Enter a descriptive piece of text to appear in the window, for example "Seconds until the millennium"
  4. Click on OK

If you click OK with the adjust (right) mouse button, the setup window remains open. This allows you to try different settings without having to re-open the window each time.

If you select 'Save setup' from the menu, the current details from the setup window are saved to disc, so that they will already be set next time the program is started. The position of the window is also saved.

Of course, the program is only as accurate as your computer's clock. Use the Alarm program supplied with the computer to set this clock.

Counter can count to or from ANY date of the common era (CE/AD) in the Gregorian calendar, and is NOT restricted to the usual 1900-2248 year range.

Note: times entered must be for the current time zone, eg. the year begins at 01:00 BST, so this is the time which should be used during the summer. Support for summer time may be added in the future.


Description                        Time  Date               Units    Count

Seconds until the 21st century     00:00 1st January 2000   Seconds  Until
Your age in seconds                (Time and date of birth) Seconds  Since
Days until Christmas               00:00 25th December 1997 Days     Until
Minutes until lunch                12:00 (Today's date)     Minutes  Until
Hours under the current government 06:00 1st May 1997       Hours    Since

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