Victoria Bridge

Victoria Bridge


The Severn Valley Railway is a preservation steam railway that follows the course of the River Severn from Kidderminster to Bridgnorth, Shropshire. Victoria Bridge is the only point at which the railway crosses the Severn, and it is much better viewed from the footpaths that run along either side of the river than from the inside of a railway carriage! (That's not to say that the train ride isn't worthwhile!)

The bridge was constructed in 1861, and was then the longest span in the world at 61 metres. It has been used as a location for many films - including the version of The Thirty Nine Steps in which Robert Powell escapes from a train by climbing beneath the bridge, and in the next scene is in Scotland!

The footpaths beneath the bridge form part of the Severn Way, a route from the source of the Severn to its mouth, where it meets the Bristol Channel. One of the most picturesque parts of this route has to be the section from Bewdley to Arley, which, of course, involves walking beneath Victoria Bridge. It can be hard to believe that this is the same river as the vast expanse of water crossed by the Severn Bridge.

From the photographer's point of view, the locomotive should ideally be facing forward with the funnel at the front. However, it seems to face backwards more often than not! After years of trying, I still don't have the perfect picture, but this one is almost there with the sun on the bridge and a great reflection.

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