Stag parties should pay

Today it has been widely reported in the media that the House of Commons public accounts committee have recommended that people who find themselves in trouble while on drunken stag weekends abroad should have to pay for consular assistance. The going rate is £84.50 per hour, but this charge is rarely applied.

All I can say is: what a great idea. These people are an unfair burden on British embassies across Europe, and on the taxpayer who funds them. More significantly, the people who go abroad for their dubious, drunken celebrations are a complete disgrace to their country. What are the people of eastern Europe going to think of the British when they see them descend on the capitals of culture every weekend just to be sick and cause disruption? Perhaps the prospect of a hefty levy should they forget where the hotel is could be a sobering influence.

Ian Davidson, MP for Glasgow South West, referred to “drunks and halfwits”, a description that sounds only too accurate.

One response to “Stag parties should pay”

  1. Paris

    Wasn’t it the same in the good old colonisation era when British (hm… I think English mainly) troops were drinking heavily and then starting causing a series of naughty things? (such as raping killing and other nice things)

    Wasn’t it like a big Stag party all this colonisation era? ( Full of men no women)

    Bear in mind that such word as “politicall correctness” was a non-existent one back then erage English erm..British troopers created a real pain in the arse to the natives

    At least now instead of “invading” (pardon me, colonising ) a country , the average English comes as a consumer….

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