Edinburgh photos online!

It’s nearly two months since they were taken now, but finally I have uploaded some photos from Edinburgh. I have taken some time to write a little about each image, as I usually do, so that they become a guide to parts of the city rather than purely a set of photos. With only three full days in the city, I had to be selective in the places I visited, but I think I covered most of the main sights.

Highlights include photos of the castle from various vantage points; the monuments on Calton Hill; several views over the city from high points, including Arthur’s seat; and photos from both outside and inside the Scottish Parliament. There is also a whole series of photos taken in North Queensferry of both the Forth rail and road bridges.

In all there are currently 29 photos, so take a look at them now!

Edinburgh from Calton HillPalace of HolyroodhouseCastle from the museum
Forth bridge cantileverBoats under the bridge

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